About Us

We help people and businesses thrive with the power of AI.

We help people learn effective prompt engineering skills, and empower businesses with AI solutions that make room for growth.

We are on a mission

We believe the best way to avoid the AI dystopia that we’ve all been trained for decades to expect, is to get involved. Learn AI. Learn what it can do for you. Be Safe. Be Responsible. But ignoring something is the best way to be sidelined by it. We know it has the potential to do harm, but it also has so much potential to do good. Especially if you’re a talented dreamer that was always held back by a lack of resources.

While everyone else wants to talk to you about the engine, we want to teach you the joy of driving. But even if we’re not the right brand for you, we hope you find one that is and begin your discovery today.

Our Manifesto

Yes to Synthetic. No to Fake. Avoid anthropomorphizing. Don’t replace humans with AI, teach them to be better together. Having a symbiotic relationship is the key to avoiding dystopia, and discovering utopia. We focus on broadly applicable skills over focusing on tools and platforms. Collaborate with AI, the way you would want to be collaborated with for the best results. Know your personal ethics, and how they extend to your use of AI. The narrative of AI needs to change from dystopian science fiction, to how it could solve our problems today. We only work with companies that want to empower their people, not find ways to replace them. There’s plenty of options in the market if that’s what you’re looking for. Be generous with individuals and businesses with limited resources, provide peak value for the ones that have resources.

our team of whisperers

Jack Skates

Jack Skates

Lead Whisperer

Jack is the founder of Whispering AI, and the architect of our courses and business solutions.

Dustin Carpenter

Dustin Carpenter

Technology  Lead

Dustin is our Technology Lead and Course Creator with deep tech and AI experience.

Russell Fink

Russell Fink

Bus. Development

Russell will be coordinating business development and account management.

Platforms We Teach and Develop On

Although we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic,
we do use the following services, technologies, and integrations
in our education and solutions offerings.

Open AI
Anthropic - Claude
Google Gemini

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