About Us

We believe that a utopian future with AI is possible, but only if people learn how to use it safely and effectively. At Whispering AI we are passionate about unlocking the full potential of AI for everyone in order to avoid the dystopian future that we see in movies and TV.

We want to empower you by teaching you the the skills required to fully take advantage of all AI platforms and tools. We do that in a couple of ways. Learning and Solutions. Read below to find out the who and why.

Platforms We Teach and Develop On

Although pride ourselves on being platform agnostic,
we do use the following services, technologies, and integrations
in our education and solutions offerings.

our team of whisperers

Jack Skates

Lead Whisperer

Jack has worked in business, brand, design, and tech consulting for 25+ years, in 15+ countries. He has worked with everyone from startups you’ve never heard of, to global brands everyone has.

After researching AI full time for a year, he now teaches people and businesses how to use AI resources safely and effectively.

Janel Stewart

Engagement Whisperer

Janel has been working in live and virtual event production for over two decades.

She is the producer of our events, including our free webinars, contributes to our learning curriculum, and serves as our community manager, overseeing the sharing of podcasts, books, guides, and online support.


We are just getting started on our Whispering AI journey. Would you like to go on this journey of making the world better and safer with AI? Great! We would love to talk. We will be soliciting funding in Q2 of 2024 and will be looking to bring on partners and team members around that time. If you would like to setup a time to talk, contact us anytime and we’ll get back to you asap!

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