Whispering AI Labs

WARNING: The below is a collection of our experiments and demos. Feel free to poke around, but proceed with caution, they aren’t all perfect!

The Whispering
AI Assistant

Our own assistant that focuses on questions about prompt engineering and the different platforms. You can also access it in the bottom right corner.

The Arizona Lawyer
AI Assistant

This AI assistant answers questions about probate, estate, and elder law in Arizona. If you ask for advice, it will politely decline and suggest an appointment.

Return To Dating
AI Assistant

This assistant uses Jack’s book exclusively to answers questions about dating. If a question relates to a book section, it answers verbatim with a link to the book.

Scottsdale Living
AI Assistant

This assistant uses the Scottsdale Living website as its primary source of info. It can also highlight featured sponsors when users ask a question relating to their business.

Sleeping Robots

Jack has spent almost a year fine tuning and learning the nuances of prompting for images. Below are some of his favorites, including the prompts that were used to generate them. Select the image to view in full screen mode.

Some of our earliest experiments and brand building concepts with Midjourney and Dall-E.

Experiments with Midjourney, Suno AI, and Crea AI. A Whispering Team Collab.

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