AI Resources

Below you will find resources including links to services and platforms, as well as interesting and informative websites and videos.

Platforms, Services, and Utilitites

There are literally thousands of solutions on the market today. Below is a list of products and service we use regularly in our online courses, as well as our custom business solutions.

Generative Text

  • ChatGPT: Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is the most established generative AI. ChatGPT Plus also includes multimodal functions with Dall-E.
  • Claude: Specialized in large inputs and document reviews.
  • Anthropic: Claude Prompt Library
  • Microsoft Bing Copilot: Combines AI capabilities with Bing search for extensive online search and content generation. Click on “Copilot”.
  • Gemini: Google’s multimodal AI service.
  • Meta Llama 2: Meta’s open-license AI service with a variety of applications.
  • Poe: Features multiple AI models for diverse services.

Synthetic Media

  • Midjourney: Beautiful and realistic synthetic image generation

  • RunwayML: Runway ML does video editing and prompt based synthetic video generation.
  • Sora: OpenAI’s new synthetic video generation platform. Is currently still in testing phases.
  • The leading AI product for composing multiple genres of music.


  • Make: Known for its visual approach to workflow automation.
  • Zapier: Automates workflows and integrates various apps and services.
  • Respell: A robust automation service, but with limited API ingetrations.

AI Influencers We Follow

Below are some people who are doing amazing things with AI and Automation

Kelly is a master at prompt engineering to create beautiful images in Midjourney, and then brings them to life using RunwayML.

Justin covers a lot of the latest and interesting things going on with AI including new releases and great observations.

Phil is an AI researcher who looks at new products and services with an emphasis on media generation (images and motion).

Angelica has her own automation courses, but shares lots of examples how you can use it for things like automating social media posts.

Josh has an automation entrepeneur that uses services like Make and Zapier to automate business processes for their clients.

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